My First Painting of Christ

December 12, 2019

The thought of painting, drawing, depicting Christ has always been SO intimidating to me.  “How could I possibly do my Savior justice in a painting” is always the thought that comes to my mind.  

When I was pregnant with Dawson the first thing we bought for his nursery was a cute bedding set that had sheep on it.  Then from there we started compiling things for his nursery. Here’s what we had so far…

After thinking about Dawson’s nursery I had the thought that I would LOVE to find a cute painting of Christ with one of His sheep to go in his nursery.  Well I never found what I was looking for so… 2 years later… I made this digital painting.

I love that Dawson can look at this image and point out and say “Jesus” and “Lamby”.  (even though at first he said woof woof and thought it was a dog 😏) One day I hope he will understand that the “lamby” that Jesus is hugging is him!

Dawson has already taught me things about my Savior in his short 1 year of existence.  For those of you who don’t know, Dawson was born with a clubfoot. One of the questions I remember asking myself was “Why does someone SO little have to already go through a hard trial? He’s only 3 weeks old.”  I felt like I understood the importance of trials and why I need to go through them but I didn’t understand why a little newborn baby should have to experience such a trial. (and I know some babies go through even harder trials)

The first 2 days Dawson got new casts or his braces were the hardest.  I feel like those days when I wasn’t giving him snuggles and trying to help him be comfortable that our Savior was there comforting him and strengthening him to make it through the pain and lack of comfort.  This reminded me that we go through trials so that we can come closer to our Savior. Then I realized that why wouldn’t I want Dawson to have an opportunity right from the get go to feel his Savior’s love. That helped me gain a better perspective on this trial he was given. 


I’m Alyssa

I am working my dream job.  I get to stay home and spend time with my 15-month-old son all while running my own Website and Branding Design company Lyss & Company Designs.  I spend most of my time designing websites, logos, brands, and a monthly magazine for a Christian Health and Wellness company.  Although most of my time is used towards graphic design I always find opportunities to use my illustration and painting skills.


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