Lyss & Company is Born

November 13, 2019

For as long as I can remember my design and illustration company has been named:


I loved this name.  A lot of customers/friends told me how clever it was.  BUT there are two very important things to keep in mind when deciding on a business name.  Your name should be easy for people to SPELL and easy for people to SAY.  Alysstrations was neither of those.  Everyone pronounced it differently.  No one could spell it, which meant no one could find my website.  That was the first reason I decided it was time for a change.

The second reason is I felt like it was time to focus my efforts more on website and branding design and less on illustration.  Alysstrations was based off of the word illustrations and if I was steering away from that I figured I needed a rebrand.

So the rebrand begun.  And Lyss & Company was born.


I tried to keep this name short and simple.  Lyss is a name that some of my closest friends call me.  I loved the idea of having a “and company” name because I believe in the saying “it takes a village”.  This company wouldn’t be possible without my…
• right-hand-man (my husband Dalin)
• my “self-appointed” manager (my dad)
• my accountant and financial advisor (my father-in-law)
• my career coach (my mom)
• all my cheerleaders and supporters (everyone else in my family and all my amazing friends)
It really does take a whole village!!

Last of all I love that Lyss & Company lends itself to growth.  My creativity seems to take me in many different directions most of the time.  I didn’t want a name that would limit my work.

For now Websites and Branding is my game…

We’ll see where that takes us 🙂



I’m Alyssa

Bios are hard.  About me… I’m all about having FUN.  I don’t like the color pink.  Paint with all the colors of the wind…  I’ll write something better when I get some time…


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